Assault Defense

An assault conviction can result in a significant prison sentence. If the court finds that the assault was committed with an illegal weapon, such as an unregistered firearm, the sentence and other penalties will be even greater. Because the consequences are significant, people charged with any type of assault should consult with a knowledgeable and experienced criminal defense attorney to realize the best possible outcome.

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At the Denner Criminal Defense Group, our lawyers mount a vigorous defense against assault charges. We have a conveniently located office and represent people throughout New England and beyond. We employ experts and investigators to verify the prosecution’s charges and explore all avenues to defend our clients’ rights and preserve their options.

Examples of assault cases

If you are facing an assault charge, contact a criminal defense lawyer at the Denner Criminal Defense Group. Call our Boston office at 617-500-4398 or toll-free at 866-370-5422. We are known as aggressive and creative attorneys who will work hard to obtain good results. We defend people against charges such as:

We know that many assault cases — even assault with intent to murder — arise from alcohol-fueled events, such as college sporting events or tavern fights. In instances like these, our attorneys have been successful at obtaining alternative dispositions for our clients so that they avoid jail and instead receive reduced sentences, community service, and fines.

Aggressive defense that gets results

In all cases, whether felonies or misdemeanors, our lawyers examine the evidence presented by the prosecution to determine whether there is reasonable doubt about the guilt of our client. We will argue vigorously at trial or during pre-trial negotiations, using the venue that is most likely to produce the results our client needs.

With you at all stages of your case

Our law firm is committed to providing a strong defense at every stage of the proceedings. We represent clients from initial investigation to post-conviction appeals and at every other step, including:

  • Initial investigation
  • Extradition
  • Arrest
  • Grand jury indictment
  • Charging
  • Bail hearing
  • Arraignment
  • Plea negotiations
  • Trial
  • Verdict
  • Pre-sentencing investigation and reports
  • Post-conviction appeals, writs and motions
  • Probation
  • Jail or prison
  • Parole

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If you have been charged with either felony or misdemeanor assault or a related crime, consult with lawyers who have a reputation for success and an ability to handle the most difficult or high-profile case.

Contact the Denner Criminal Defense Group at our office in Boston (617-500-4398) or by calling toll-free at 866-370-5422.

We are available to respond to emergencies at all times, including evenings and weekends. Staff can accommodate clients speaking Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and some Southeast Asian languages. We offer translators for any other languages.


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