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From its offices in Boston, Massachusetts, the Denner Criminal Defense Group provides legal counsel throughout the Northeast Corridor and across the nation in matters involving professional misconduct.

The attorneys at Denner Criminal Defense Group represent:

Government Officials
The Denner Criminal Defense Group represents people who hold positions of power within the state or federal government who are facing public censure, job loss, or jail time on charges of public corruption, accepting bribes, kickbacks, or other ethics violations. These are always high-profile cases. Call our Boston office to discuss your sensitive legal concerns with discretion and professionalism. We understand the media and deal with sensitive public relations issues.

Disciplinary Hearings and Loss of License
The same skills needed to present an effective criminal defense case in the courtroom are required to defend a case before a state or professional licensure board. The Denner Criminal Defense Group’s professional misconduct defense attorneys represent doctors, dentists, chiropractors, lawyers facing disbarment, accountants, bankers, inside and outside directors, and service providers who require a license to do business.

We also represent students and faculty members facing disciplinary action from their school for crimes, violations of school policies, or exercising their constitutional rights.

Government Contract Debarment
Suspension and debarment are legal measures that exclude an individual or a business from doing business with the government. A company is temporarily suspended during the course of an investigation into criminal or ethical violations. Once that investigation is concluded, the firm may be permanently debarred—not only from working for one specific department or agency, but from work with any federal or state government agencies.

If you have received a notice of proposed suspension or suspect that your firm is under investigation from the Inspector General, get immediate legal help. Contact the Denner Criminal Defense Group for assistance in defending your company against charges that could result in the loss of your government contract.

Security Clearances
Many types of criminal charges can impact security clearance status. If you or your company has security clearance and you have had any run-in with the law, it is advisable to check with an attorney about the possible impact on your security status. Defense of people with security clearance requires extra consideration. The Denner Criminal Defense Group attorneys represent government contractors, government officials, and government employees who face revocation of their security clearance at administrative hearings before adjudicatory bodies within government departments, including the Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals (DOHA).

For a consultation with the Denner Criminal Defense Group, call our Boston office or contact us online. Calls are answered 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

Our professional misconduct defense attorneys are available to respond to emergencies, and our staff can accommodate clients speaking Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and some Southeast Asian languages.


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