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The civil rights attorneys at the Denner Criminal Defense Group protect the constitutional rights, civil rights, and human rights of citizens and residents of the U.S. The firm handles civil rights and hate crimes cases across the nation and internationally for individuals and as class action lawsuits. We’ve collected numerous multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements.

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Federal, state, and local laws protect people from employment discrimination, housing discrimination, and harassment because of gender, race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation. Despite these laws, people of color and LGBT persons frequently experience discrimination in employment and housing.

Employment discrimination can happen at any level of a company. Women executives might be held to a different standard of work performance than men, for example, or minority sales people might be given the worst sales territories. Discrimination cases can be difficult to prove and often involve a group of workers joining together in a class action suit.

There are specific procedures for bringing complaints of civil rights violations, discrimination, or a hostile work environment to the attention of the government. Whether to file a case with a local authority or with the federal government is a decision that should be discussed with a knowledgeable civil rights defense attorney.

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Police Misconduct

Hundreds of people are illegally profiled, wrongfully arrested, injured, or killed every year by brutal police actions. Charges can be brought against police officers who violate the civil rights of people who have committed a crime, persons who are only suspected of a crime, and innocent bystanders. The Denner Criminal Defense Group attorneys represent victims of police brutality, police misconduct, unlawful arrest, and wrongful prosecution.

Government Persecution

The Denner Criminal Defense Group represents people who have been subjected to unlawful government wiretapping, unlawful electronic surveillance, prosecution with false information, and unlawful incarceration. The Denner Criminal Defense Group criminal defense attorneys protect the rights of people who have been targeted by the government’s war on terror, including providing legal defense to persons facing military tribunals.

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Hotly contested, high-profile, multi-week federal trial concludes with veteran MA police officer found Not Guilty. (U.S. vs. LaFleur)

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