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Restraining Order Attorneys in Boston

Restraining Order Violation & Domestic Violence Cases

Domestic Violence and Neglect

Massachusetts Domestic Violence Lawyers

The domestic violence lawyer at J A Denner Criminal Defense Group provide legal services to both men and women who have become involved with the justice system because of domestic abuse. The firm provides legal defense for persons who have been charged with domestic abuse — whether those charges are true or false. J A Denner Criminal Defense Group also assists victims of domestic violence in securing emergency or permanent restraining orders.

With offices in Boston, Massachusetts, J A Denner Criminal Defense Group provides legal assistance to people throughout the Northeast Corridor.

Contact a J A Denner Criminal Defense Group domestic violence lawyer or call toll-free at 866-370-5422.

Felony Domestic Assault and Battery

J A Denner Criminal Defense Group attorneys have represented hundreds of clients whose lives have been endangered by the violent behavior of a spouse, partner, or family member. The firm's attorneys provide caring and compassionate support to victims of domestic violence while aggressively pursuing all available legal strategies to ensure their safety, including emergency restraining orders and permanent protective orders.

As professional criminal defense attorneys, we also protect the rights of persons who are accused or have committed acts of physical abuse, either against a spouse, partner, or against another family member. We represent individuals in criminal domestic assault cases as well as in child removal proceedings with the Department of Social Services for child abuse, child endangerment, and child neglect.

As with any criminal case, a thorough investigation of the facts of the case will be important. We work with medical and psychological experts to gain a clear understanding of family systems, family dynamics, and physical and emotional injuries. J A Denner Criminal Defense Group, LLP attorneys have represented hundreds of clients in domestic violence matters.

Media Relations and Domestic Violence Allegations

At J A Denner Criminal Defense Group, the lawyers work with many high profile clients with careers in business, government, academia, the military, or the entertainment field who wish to minimize public exposure of their personal affairs while still accomplishing their legal goals. In cases that may attract media interest, our attorneys are experienced at handling these situations with discretion and professionalism.

Charges of Domestic Violence in Divorce

A large number of contested divorce cases will result in one or both partners seeking a restraining order against the other party. This is often done to gain a legal advantage in a child custody case. J A Denner Criminal Defense Group attorneys work to protect the good name and the legal rights of people falsely accused of domestic violence.

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Our domestic violence lawyers are available to respond to emergencies and staff can accommodate clients speaking Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, Russian, and some Southeast Asian languages.

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