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$1.775 Million - Injured Mechanic's Case Settles

Unable To Return To Work

A water proofer mechanic injured his wrist while attempting to access the roof of a new building that was under construction. The mechanic tried to access the roof via a roof hatch by using a ship's latter. As he was about to enter the roof, he slipped on the stairs of the ship's ladder and attempted to grab something to stop the fall, catching his right hand between the railing and wall.

His injury resulted in multiple, futile surgeries over the course of five years. The injury left his right hand impaired, caused him psychiatric trauma and chronic pain (depressive disorder, anxiety disorder, pain disorder). As a result of his injuries, he was unable to return to work as a water proofer mechanic. Just before trial the case was mediated and our client was paid $1,775,000 by the insurance companies for several of the defendant companies we sued.

Result: The case resulted in a $1,775,000 settlement

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