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Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in Boston

Attorney Raipher has handled every kind of motorcycle claim. Just as important, he rides himself and understands the concerns of riders. He has obtained compensation for many injured riders and the families of riders who suffered a wrongful death.

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After an accident, you will need a strong advocate working on your side — an advocate who can successfully make your case to a jury whose members may have a outdated view of motorcycle riders. Our lawyers have the ability to help juries understand how a motorcycle accident can happen through no fault of the rider.

Causes of motorcycle accidents

We have handled cases of injury to motorcycle riders caused by:

  • Auto driver making a lane change without signaling
  • Debris and other hazards in the roadway
  • Decreased visibility because of weather conditions or structures in the sight line of an automobile
  • Failure of a car driver to keep a proper lookout
  • Defective motorcycle components which can cause fires and explosions immediately after a crash

Many injuries are caused by motorcyclists trying to avoid an accident. For example, when the rider sees a car changing lanes without signaling, he or she may try to get out of the way. Often, the only way to avoid a crash is to lay the bike down on the shoulder of the road. Depending on the speed of the motorcycle, this can cause very serious injuries.

Consequences of motorcycle accidents

Raipher is an advocate of preventive riding because of the serious injuries he has seen in clients. Our law firm has represented families of people who have been killed or riders who suffered injuries such as:

Investigating your accident

We verify the accuracy of police reports by interviewing witnesses, measuring the skid marks and evaluating the damage to the bike. We often hire accident causation specialists at our own expense to learn the real story of your accident.

Talk with a knowledgeable lawyer about obtaining payment for your injuries

We help riders rebuild their lives after a motorcycle accident. We advocate for compensation that will help them pay their medical bills, replace their lost wages, repair their bike, and manage the other costs of their accident. We make it easy to consult an attorney, offering free initial consultations, extended office hours, translators, and home and hospital visits. We charge no attorney's fees until we recover the compensation you need and deserve.

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