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Massachusetts Child Custody and Support Lawyers

Child custody and support matters are often highly contentious. Parents use their children to try to exact revenge or exert control on the other parent. Our attorneys at J A Denner Criminal Defense Group know how difficult matters involving children are during a divorce. We strive to help clients stay focused on the goal of providing for children and creating the best environment possible for their growth.

Two offices to serve your needs

With our principal offices in Boston , Massachusetts, our law firm is able to provide the support and attention parents need as they work toward resolving support and custody issues. In these states and all states in which we practice, child support guidelines differ. Child custody practices vary. We have the knowledge and experience to help wherever you live. We help you navigate through the maze of issues involved to get to the desired result while keeping the best interests of the children before us at all times.

Issues in child support and child custody cases

We handle a wide range of issues related to child custody and support, including:

  • Determining physical custody
  • Determining legal custody
  • Developing proposals for joint custody when requested
  • Determining the tax implications of child support awards
  • Developing child support proposals in high asset cases
  • Working out visitation agreements
  • Exploring the relationship between alimony awards and child support
  • Modifying child support and child custody awards after the final decree

Using our resources to achieve the desired outcome

In all matters such as these, our family law attorneys listen carefully to determine the client’s goals. We consult with specialists whenever needed, including tax experts, child psychologists and education specialists to arrive at proposals that work. We use our many years of collective experience in handling family law matters to guide us toward the client’s desired result.

J A Denner Criminal Defense Group provides translators and in-house speakers of a wide range of non-English languages when requested. We answer our phones 24/7. To speak with an experienced and sympathetic lawyer about any child custody or support matter, contact one of our offices. Call us toll-free at 866-370-5422 or at our Boston (617-500-4398) or (413-746-4400) office.

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