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Alimony Attorneys in Boston

Alimony: Do You Qualify? Is It the Best Option?

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Alimony (also called spousal support) is not granted automatically. The decision to order alimony is based on a number of factors, most significant being the number of years of a marriage and whether there is a disparity of income between the two parties. In general, the courts will consider alimony in marriages of 10 years or more.

If the parties entered into a prenuptial agreement before the marriage, that is likely to be a controlling factor in the determination. Though in some cases a patently unfair prenuptial agreement can be reviewed by a family court judge and set aside.

Your divorce attorney can play a significant role in presenting evidence of the need for alimony or in explaining circumstances that should limit alimony. In all cases, your attorney is here to protect your financial interests and your future.

Backed by a network of financial professionals, the divorce lawyers at the law offices of J A Denner Criminal Defense Group, are well prepared to assist high income clients with complex estates. To schedule a consultation with one of our divorce attorneys, call 866-370-5422 or contact us online.

Property or alimony?

A lump sum payment, a larger share of a significant and irreplaceable asset (such as a home or share in an income-producing business), or ongoing financial support - these are questions that clients must consider when determining whether they want to seek alimony. In some cases, they may prefer another option.

We will help you consider the pros and cons of different settlement options, as well as the tax implications of asset division and of spousal support.

Understanding the personal income of business owners

While personal income is clear for most wage earners, it can become quite complicated in the case of independent business owners and high-paid executives with complex compensation packages. Our divorce attorneys work with financial analysts to determine current and future values of executive compensation, such as stock options. We work with forensic accountants when needed to tease apart company income and assets from personal income.

Two offices and multilingual staff to serve you

You can count on our firm to handle your divorce case with care and discretion. We have two offices to meet the needs of clients in Boston .

Contact us online to discuss the possibility of alimony in your divorce, or any family law concern. Or, call us toll free at 866-370-5422, locally in at 413-746-4400or in Boston at 617-500-4398. Our telephones are answered 24/7, allowing us to respond quickly to emergencies.

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