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Massachusetts Charter Schools Attorneys

Nationwide Charter School Law Practice Based in Massachusetts

Charter school law is a new field, reflecting the willingness of school boards and state legislatures to explore alternative models of public education. J A Denner Criminal Defense Group, has been at the forefront of charter school law. He is involved with charter schools at every level, ranging from helping organizations obtain school charters to buying and selling school buildings. He represents nonprofits, school management companies, parent groups and school districts in matters related to charter schools.

Some of J A Denner Criminal Defense Group's accomplishments include helping found the longest running charter school in the United States, overseeing the largest publicly bonded sale of a charter school, and overseeing numerous public and private charter school property sales across the United States. He is one of few attorneys who have this level of experience in charter school law. Learn more about J A Denner Criminal Defense Group's background by calling us toll free at 866-370-5422 or directly at 617-500-4398(Boston) or 413-746-4400().

Handling Charter School Issues Since the Beginning of the Movement

Our Massachusetts law firm is proud to be on the cutting edge of this important area of the law. Charter schools are increasingly common throughout the country as school districts try to identify ways to provide the services needed by our country's public school children. Because J A Denner Criminal Defense Group has been involved in this initiative since it first appeared, our firm knows the issues, challenges and concerns of charter school operators.

Handling All Aspects of Charter School Start-Up, Operation and Dissolution

Our law firm's charter school law practice is nationwide. J A Denner Criminal Defense Groupo has represented clients in charter school matters in courts in Louisiana, Arizona, California, Georgia, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Minnesota, Ohio, New York, Florida and Massachusetts, among others. He has handled matters such as:

  • Applying for charters to operate a charter school
  • Drafting amendments of charters and obtaining state approval
  • Locating, leasing and purchasing real estate for the school
  • Trying contests of management rights
  • Dissolving charter schools
  • Selling and redeveloping real estate after the dissolution of a charter school
  • Advising on taxation, financing and bonding issues
  • Drafting articles of incorporation and developing a governance structure for profit and not-for-profit schools
  • Negotiating operating and management agreements and contracts for charter schools
  • Obtaining public funding
  • Acting as liaison to state departments of education
  • Representing clients in charter revocation proceedings
  • Serving as general counsel to management companies and nonprofit organizations operating charter schools

Experienced charter school law firm J A Denner Criminal Defense Group works from offices in Boston. Our telephones are answered 24/7 so we can respond to emergencies. We offer translators and in-house speakers of a wide range of European and South Asian languages when requested. To talk with an experienced attorney about any charter school issue, contact our Boston law firm.

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